Architectural design - Lead design - Overall design

We believe in structurally rational, innovative, and functionally clear architecture. In design we value innovation and durability.

We work as architects and lead designers. We can offer overall design teams or work in teams formed by our clients. The design process is carried out in close cooperation with other designers and client.

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The method

The design process is carried out using Building Information Modelling and IFC-integration. This means efficiency, flexibility, fluent integration and easy-to-understand visual images of the design.

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We work in both private and public sectors of construction. Our tasks have varied from private houses to research projects and areal design.

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The company

POOK Architects Ltd was established 1997. The share holders are members of the Finnish Association of Architects. The office is member of Association of Finnish Architects’ Offices ATL.

Contact information

POOK Arkkitehtitoimisto Oy / Architects Ltd
Snettansintie 15
02740 Espoo

General e-mail:

Contact person: Mr. Pentti Raiski, M.Sc (Arch)SAFA | tel + 358 44 0347 000