/ Mangalsala Latvia – Aluekehitys / workshop

projekti:   Aluesuunnittelun kansainvälinen workshop
tilaaja:      City of Riga
sijainti:     Latvia / Riga / Mangalsala
laajuus:     24 ha
työryhmä: Pentti Raiski ja Katariina Rautiala (POOK Arkkitehtitoimisto Oy), Ville Hara ja Anu Puustinen (Avanto Arkkitehdit Oy), avustajat Harald Helfrics ja Xania


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Mangansala peninsula is situated in the Daugava mouth of Baltic sea in Riga, Latvia.

The main attraction of the peninsula is its exceptional nature and different types of water and coast:

1. Baltic Sea: Beach and dunes – in the future the dune area is preserved as it is, recreational use of the area is enhanced.

2. River Daugava: Heavily treated port and industrial area – in the future the riverbank can be designed as a public marina with boulevard and recreational facilities. There can be exclusive riverside housing of up to 5 levels.

3. Vecdaugava: Natura 2000 protection area with many species of bird and reed – in the future there can be a nature path and a small motor boat marina for the new Mangansala housing area.

4. New Canals: People are offered contact to the water just next to the houses. Residents have the possibility of keeping their private boats  next to their apartment.

It is very important to offer public accessibility to all these water areas and possibility to walk around the peninsula.