/ Botanical Garden

tilaaja: University of Riga / kansainvälinen workshop
sijainti Latvia / Riga / Botanical Garden
laajuus:: 11.000 brm²
tontti: Botanical Garden
muuta: kansainvälinen workshop
työryhmä: Pentti Raiski ja Katariina Rautiala (POOK Arkkitehtitoimisto Oy), Johanna Nyman (maisema-arkkitehti, Nyman-Ristimäki Oy), avustaja Harald Helfrics


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International Architecture Idea Competition Workshop in Riga / Latvia
26th of September to 1st of October, 2007

Revival and future vision of Botanical Garden, University of Latvia

We wanted the botanic garden area to become a meditative escape from the city and yet function as green scenery seen from the surroundings. The bordering areas have been designed to give peace, allow limited views and signal the presence of the garden to the adjacent areas.
Jurmalas gotve direction is treated by topografic sound walls and directed view canals.
The Botanic tower is a new green landmark of the new versatile science concentration and awakening international enthusiasm. The practice, education and information of science is taken under the light foliage of the tropics, all year round. This is to create functional versatility and union.
In Riga Botanic Garden We Cultivate Science.