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Wallpaper – publication videointerview: City Short Helsinki The interview has been published, visit -site -> City Short Helsinki Video by Joel Hypen

Tree House Kekkapää – opening 8.8.2011.

Klaukkala centre – urban idea competition The competition is organized by Nurmijärvi, Pentti Raiski was responsible of writing the competition program and works in the competition jury. Results will be announced 3/2011.Tree House Kekkapää

New tools Pook has switched to fully SaaS-based project management.

Pookin presented : Nordic Interior Design by Manuela Roth/Braun Publishing,  2010 Wood Houses Now – kirja / Links  Books Barcelona, Atlas of World Interior Design / Switzerland 2010. Coming: Country House Architecture + Design 2011 Switzerland

Tapiola Golf Tapiola Golf has selected POOK to do the architectural design of the Tapiola Golf clubhouse. The unique golf course and the buildings are located in the very central areas of the second largest city of Finland Espoo

Hattutemppu POOK proposal wins a limited competition in Espoo Tapiola 2008. Maintenance-cafe-building is located in the protected central areas of Tapiola garden city.

Wood in Rock Experimental wooden building wins national WOOD Award public voting 2007 in Espoo Finland. The building consists of a LVL-gluelam frame with mast-plywood bracing

Day care cantre POOK proposal becomes 2nd in Espoo Saunalahti limited competion of a day care centre 2007