/ 2057 House Kekkapää / Experimental Wooden Building – Housing and Work

Project: Private home and working spaces – House Kekkapää
Client: Private | completed 2006
Location: Espoo

Size: 411 brm²
Site: hill
Building materilas: Precut, kerto- liimapuu vanerijäykisteinen
Other: Wood Prize 2007 public vote winner Finland


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Location: The site is located in North Espoo; historically and culturally important countryside a hill facing the west. The existings grain of the area is loosely built and the surrounding buildings are mainly industrial their function mainly serving for farming. The sites rockly western hill divides into two: the front hill connects to a fabric like field whilist the back of the site is typical Finnish forest with its bare forest, linche convered rocky ground.

Architecture: The simple pitch roof masses was a response from the overall architecture of the area. The outside spaces were formed by division where at the active frontyard the entrance, childrens playground, lunch terrace and the workshop are located. The mainbuilding frames and covers the mediative, senstive, upperhill where the seperate sauna is located. The mainbuilding contains living and officespaces where that are connected with a communal living space.

Test foundation: The building is designed as ventilated wooden rockystructures that is partly imbeded in the rock. The underground wooden structures are ventilated with the help of wooden grill covers, the natural accumulation of snow is utilised in the ventilation throughout the different seasons. The structure of the building is gluelaminated wood that is connected structually to plywood.The joints are done by WT-screws.

Energy and sustainable develeopment:
The building materials are Finnish tiber and the thermally efficient walls have been achieved with celluloce insulation. The building has been equipped with geothermal heating inside the rock, fireplaces and efficient heat storage. Ventilation is directed depending on the timing of the use of the spaces.

Kohde on esiteltiin Ark-, Avotakka ja Puu-lehdissä 2006, Brutus, Deko, Best Living Design, Scandinavian Lifestyle 2008, Wood Houses Now, Houses in Finland, Country House Architecture 2011. Kohde voitti Puupalkinto 2007 yleisöäänestyksen ja esiteltiin Kauneimmat kodit-tv-sarjassa 2013.