/ Puinen Myllysilta Turkuun / ehdotus

Project: Bridge
Client: Forest Owners Association of Western Finland
Location: Turku
Building Material: Wood
Span: A span of over 90m, width 20m


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Cityscape and architecture

The bridge is a sculptural piece set in the surrounding city. The bridge is also visible from the river and the beach, the bridge takes shape as a peaceful and distinctive original in a series of bridges.  Linnankatu and the Eastern Shore street height drive the bridge and it is considered subordinate to the cityscape. The bridge deck rises slightly below street level and is lined with solid structural crash barriers.

Lighting is integrated into the bridge deck at the inside of about 1.2 meters in height. The underside of the bridge is the major façade to pedestrians and boaters. Therefore the wood surfaces are illuminated from the bottom.


The bridge has a total span of over 90 meters and a width of 20m. The bridge is divided into two with an intermediate support. Finnish timber can be used for the bridges construction.