/ Netlike wooden structures

Project manager: Prof. Eero Paloheimo (H.U.T)
Architecture: POOK Architects’ office / Rautiala, Raiski
Engineering: Nuvo Engineering Ltd / Jarmo Tommola, Lauri Salokangas, Hannu Hirsi
Assistants: Åke Möller
Scale models: Heinola-Instituutti: Students of Cabinet Making
Co-operation: Puuinfo Oy, TE-Keskus, Finnforest Oyj, Vierumäen Teollisuus Oy
Photos: Arja Lampinen


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The aim of the project was to study, design and visualize netlike wooden structures that could be exploited by the building industry. At the same time a new wooden structure system was being developed. The system would be open and consist of design principles only, rather than fixed dimensions and measures.