/ 2103 Kolkerannantie – Housing

Project: Apartments
Client: PTM-Talot Oy
Location: Kolkerannantie 2 Espoo
Size: 910 m2


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Architecture and use: The buildings form a unified whole by connecting walls enebaling boundaries for privacy. The building masses eneable each appartment to have private bright garden. Efficiently designed appartment sizes range from 52 to 61 hm2 and some of them have a cellar. The design is modern in its open plan layout. The central living spcaes are directly connected to the private terraces or balconies.

Sustainable development: The walls are well thermally insulated and the buildings are well equipped with effiecient heat. The eaves that are integrated within the building volume, protect from the weather and overheating in the summer.

In the marketing of the appartments the images used were visualised by the POOK Architects of the building the was used. All apartments were sold in early 2009.

Construction: Accurately measured and designed the project is located within exciting housing area. The project required builders exceptional accuracy in the construction of the buildings aswell as the garden structures.