/ Koho – omavarainen kelluva yhdyskunta

Project: Koho The Society Of Future 1998
Site: self-contained floating community
Other: With thanks to the Building Information Foundation
Design Team: Katariina Rautiala,Jun Kojima and Pentti Raiski


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Koho The Society Of Future 1998

A theoretical project of a complitely self-sustainable floating community. The work is presented in the form of posters and a CD-Rom containing Video and Qtvr-material.

A core group of social trend-setters and scientists broke loose before the final culmination of the catastrophe to develop a solution for saving the future of mankind. Power and enlightenment were optimized, small autonomous areas were formed, each of them responsible for results in a larger network. Termbased leaders were elected to the small operational units.

Special Thanks to: Rakennustietosäätiö, Finnish Building Information Institute