/ Europa Square

Project:       Public Garden
Client:         Committee for City Planning and Architecture (2006)
Location:   St Petersburgh, Russia
Size:             40 ha
Site:              Riverbank area


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Earth and Light – Living Europe

Connection to the city structure

The proposal creates a living, public green zone that is connected to the expanding and existing city by experience full light trafic network. South-North connections join the park and the square to the existing city and to the proposed public shore zone of the city expansion. West-East connections provide a direct escape and an adventurous entry to the park valley world and create a light trafic connection between the city districts. The central Square of Europe participates in the axiology of the city by forming a visually smooth end to the park alignment of the extension and guides the flow of people by natural circular routes.

The functional compass of the area

The protective valley topography creates a spatially changing escape from the city life – a safe nest. Active and participate functions are located on the east side of the valley and a quiet path on the western side. Thus experiencing the park quietly or adventurously or in turns is made possible. The park activities change from the physicality of the South to more spiritual  nature of the North – challenging the thought and creativity.

The Square of Europe

Europe is symbolized as a topographically defined area and at the same time a new type of an experience full city square is created. Smoothly ascending and descending circular topography unifies and separates. The square is designed as a time-movement responsing experience that consists of three cruxial event elements:

1. The exterior – when approaching the square there is a sofly bordered graphic landscape that  creates an inviting  entrance and guides the movement.

2. The interface- As ascending the gentle slope the panoramic views to the park and to the both sides of the city open.

3. The interior – As descending toward the centre the surrounding active event horizon is gently closed and the visitor becomes part of the inside events and non-events.

Площади Европы в Санкт-Петербурге

Описание предложения: Земля и Свет – Живая Европа