/ 2123 e-House Oy

projekti: Ryhmärakentaminen
tilaaja:   e-House Oy
sijainti: Helsinki, Alppikylä
laajuus: 3.870 m²


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Housing: POOK Architects have been chosen for the e-House’s new type of housing area, based on ‘group building’. The first project is located in Appikylä, Helsinki, consiting of ten houses. The owners can choose the layout and materials of their choise from a catalogue through an internet portal. The new type of service gives the opportunity for high quality and affordable way to build.

Architecture: The architecture of the buildings is based on a simple pitchroof forms. The design is closely linked to the masterplan of Alppikylä and the overall aims of the townplan that mainly consists of small scale housing. Each of the houses have a private protected and sunny garden that are a continuation from the main living interior spaces. The apartments have been designed with different layouts and material choises that the new owner can choose specific to their needs.

Execution: The buildings have been designed using prefabricated elements. The prefabricated building components are constructed completely in a factory and then assembled on-site. The method enables a good humidity and quolity control despite weather conditions that would be otherwise unsuitable. The prefabricated components are clad with bricks.

Alppikylän kohteita on esitelty Ark-lehdessä 4/2017 ja DeZeenMagazine 30.9.2016. Helsingin rakennusvalvonnan Rakentamisen ruusu 2014 – kunniamaininta kohdekokonaisuudelle.