/ 2119 Tampere

Project: Private house | Chosen proposal in a competition
Client: Private
Location: Tampere Housing Fare 2012
Building material: Concrete


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Chosen proposal in a competition for the Tampere housing fare 2013
Private client ordered a competition entry for the Tampere housing fare. With our design for the client, a desired site was reserved from the housing fare area. The principles behind the design are described bellow.

Arhitectural approach: The successfull architecture is closly knit to the place and context. The architecture of the proposal is made up of fragmented masses that is specifically designed for the site. The architecture aims for a holistic approach that closely links the inside spaces with the daily movement of the sun and the activities in the garden.

Rotation of water and the sun: The architectural language is simple and clear. The treatment of water has been made as a clearly understandable part of the architecture. Simple building masses form a lively series of spaces, which follow the daily patterns of the sun.

Timber and bond: The architecture of the propsal is based on the tention and bond of two contrasting building elements. The rainwater collection and recycling create a visual part to the building and its landscape architecture. Together the building masses form small scale, connecting series of spaces that exist in the daily and seasonal variations.

Connection to the surroundings: The relationship with the streetscape forms a composition of light piece and dark timber piece.