/ 2105 Tiilitalo

Project: Brick house

Client: Private / final inspection 2013

Location: Espoo, Finland

Size: 179 kem2

Site: slope

Building material: brick


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An adaptable and flexible home for a family of six. The solution has been to combine the kitchen, dining and living areas allowing them to expand and mutate in relation to the user’s needs. Thanks to the narrow frame walls the dwellings have been designed as light and portable. The number of residential rooms can be changed and resized.

Car parking and access is at street level below the floor level. Residence, kitchen and living rooms are located at a higher level and are linked to the calm courtyard and park.

The house can be changed into a variety of arrangements to allow for varying degrees of privacy.

The lower layer is the so-called mixed layer with a living room, and living spaces to serve. This layer can function as AuPair-spaces, and later when the children become independent as it has its own entrance thus expanding the life cycle of the dwelling.

Sustainable development and energy

The building materials are durable and require very little maintenance. This leads to reduced running costs. The exterior walls and roof are well insulated and building is equipped with an efficient heat recovery system. The window openings are designed taking into account their ease of use as well as the sun angles and solar energy in order to protect from extraordinary heat loads.

Kohde on esitelty Kivestä Muuraamalla – julkaisussa 9/2012