/ 2066 -12×12 MOD Yrityspuistokonsepti

Project: Modular wooden buiding system
Client: Hartela Oy
location: Business park concept
size: 12  x 12m modular system
building materials: timber
Design team: Katariina Rautiala and Pentti Raiski of POOK architects, structural designer Launo Laatikainen  of Turun Juva Oy


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The project created using a modular system of timber structured buildings. The project has a broad functional compatibility and can be extended in all directions an infinite number of times.

The plan is based on a square module and the use of different layouts.

Square sets of functions:

1. public facade – corporate identity – customer entrance – main entrance

2. functional facade – Freight – natural light

3. internal facade – contact the courtyard

4. internal connection with another module

työryhmä: Katariina Rautiala ja Pentti Raiski, rakennesuunnittelu Launo Laatikainen (Turun Juva Oy)